Visit A Park In Cranberry Township

If you are looking for a Cranberry Township apartment, it is likely that you want to know more about local parks. There are actually plenty of parks near The Haven at Cranberry Woods. Here are a few of your options:

1. Cranberry Skate Park

Situated just behind the Cranberry Township Municipal Center, this park was built by the community in just one day during the summer of 2005. This free park is available for skateboarders, bike riders, scooters, and skaters during daylight hours. It offers ramps, steps, benches, platforms, and rails.

2. Rotary Dog Park

If you have a dog, you will love this addition to the community. It features four acres and an off-leash running area for both small and large animals. Another section offers an opportunity for active playing, including fetching and chasing the ball. The park is totally free and open during daylight hours.

3. Community Park

During the spring, many come to Community Park for the sports fields. They include two sand volleyball courts, five baseball fields, a football field, and a basketball court. You can even play tennis here. This park is also known for its Kid’s Castle playground and Rotary Amphitheater Summer Concerts.

4. North Boundary Park

Many people flock to North Boundary for the waterpark, picnic shelters for weekend parties, and the soccer fields a quick game. This park is also home to the wetlands and a playground with swings.

Do you have more questions about living in Cranberry Township? We may have answers for you. Simply contact us to learn more about parks and our amenities.

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