Take A Yoga Class Near The Haven At Cranberry Woods

Yoga is renowned for its many benefits. Practitioners of yoga develop inner peace, focus, flexibility, and strength among many health benefits. Residents of The Haven at Cranberry Woods have a yoga studio just minutes from home. Visit Salt Power Yoga and try some of their many yoga classes and events to experience these benefits for yourself!

At Salt Power Yoga, everyone is considered family. They believe that everyone and their life experiences are a valuable addition for the budding yoga community. When you roll out your mat at Salt, you benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience from your fellow students as well as teachers.

New to yoga? No problem! Join the ABC or Absolute Beginner Class. Build the foundation of your practice with fellow newbies under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Do you have experience with yoga and want to break a sweat? Try Power Yoga, where your teacher will guide you through a flowing series of postures that will build fitness, focus, and flexibility from head to toe. The room is heated for added sweat and to allow you to release toxins. If you’d rather relax than sweat it out, try the slow flow class. The room is kept warm and you’ll move through the postures slowly to allow for deep relaxation.

If you want to take your practice a little further, consider joining one of the special events held at the studio. Upcoming events include “Everybody Yoga” an all-inclusive class that welcomes all ages, levels, and abilities. Happy Hour is a 1 hour class that includes refreshments after. Enjoy yoga and great company! Ready to get started? The studio offers new yogis 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30.

Contact us today to learn more about The Haven at Cranberry Woods!

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