Go Green At The Haven At Cranberry Woods

Treating Mother Nature properly is easy at NGBS Green Certified the Haven at Cranberry Woods apartments in Cranberry Township, PA. Each luxury unit is as eco-friendly as possible and the outdoor areas take green initiatives into consideration too. Plus, there is a recycling area provided on site. Residents are welcome to use it, as well as take their green lifestyles a bit further. Here are some eco-friendly ideas to help everyone in that regard:

Green Cuisine

Do you like to make fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner? If so, get to know Kretschmann Family Farm. They will deliver OEFFA Certified Organic foods to apartments in Cranberry Township. Their offerings include pesticide-free herbs and fruits too. Furthermore, if you choose to boil the farm’s organic veggies, don’t throw out the nutrient-rich water. Instead, use it to care for your house plants. It’s a great way to conserve water and will give your indoor greenery an extra, healthy boost.

Green Furnishings and Decor

Also, be sure to outfit your apartments in Cranberry Township with organic materials. There is a Natural Sleep Shop nearby that can help you get started. You’ll find them situated on Route 19. Open six days a week, they sell certified organic linens, bedding, bathrobes, skin care products, furnishings and more. So you’ll have no problem finding something to compliment the apartment’s low-emission carpets, eco-friendly wall paint and CF lighting.

Green Events

And lastly, keep an eye out for the area’s eco-friendly events. One of the best is the Annual Go Green Festival. However, you’ll have to wait awhile to enjoy that one. It typically doesn’t take place until the fall. In the meantime, we suggest checking out the green classes at the nearby Penn State Extension locations, which run throughout the year. They cover everything from renewable energy and water conservation to maintaining the perfect house plants.

To learn more about them and other ways to increase your green IQ, please contact us at The Haven at Cranberry Woods today.

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